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Warren has a Bachelor of Commerce degree (B. Comm) from the University of Saskatchewan, he is a Chartered Investment Manager (CIM), a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). He also has 20 years of experience providing advice to small business, farm, and retired clients.

Warren Hope CIM, CPA, CMA, CFP

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What Our Clients Say

“From our very first meeting with Warren and Kim we found them so easy to talk to and extremely supportive. Everything they have done for us has been timely, efficient and professional but at the same time they are always friendly, caring and personable. Working with Warren is like having a silent supportive business partner and back office, which is why we are still working with them today. We cannot recommend them highly enough”

“Very Happy. From helping with the purchase of my business, to all my investments and guiding me through my whole financial life plan.”

“Very accessible, reliable and they communicate with us well.  Warren does not give us any reason to worry.  He always provides a lot of accurate information to base our decisions on.”

“Warren and Kim are very personable, caring and above all else knowledgeable.  They bring investing down to a layman's terms and make for a very comfortable and worry-free investing experience.”

“Sound advice, great service and attention to detail. What more could you want!”

“We have been dealing with Warren and Kim for many years for all our financial needs.  Warren offers very expert financial advice and is available by phone or in person to make any adjustments that we may have, promptly and efficiently”

“Very informative, and we have been very satisfied with the return on our investments. We have received excellent advice from Warren, and they provide a very comfortable atmosphere.”

“We find the service at Hope Financial exceptional; it's prompt, precise, and friendly! We are confident entrusting our business with well informed, intelligent people that pay attention to our investment strategies and other financial needs. We highly recommend their service.”

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