December Newsletter

As I listen to Michael Buble sing Christmas carols, I know Kim and I hope you are getting time with your family and friends during the holidays. In our humble opinion, the work we do for you all comes down to you enjoying time with your family and friends without having financial worries so I will keep the update short on the math this month.

Our conservative portfolios are ending 2015 a little below our expected long term average. The more Canadian content the portfolio has the further from average it drifted. We will be thinking about our Canadian content in our most conservative portfolios for next year as this may be a longer term trend. Our most international conservative portfolios were very close to long term averages and worked out quite nicely.  Our balanced and aggressive portfolios trailed their long term averages slightly. This comes off some very strong years. I am happy, in general, with the amount of foreign content we have been able to add to these portfolios over the last few years.  

Our office had a very good year and we are excited about what we see coming in 2016.
Some highlights for us that come to mind were: Our first annual client appreciation event was a great success and Kim and I are already making plans for number two, don't miss it. When wrapping up our meeting season in the spring and fall this year Kim and I both remarked, again, how lucky we are to have such great families to work with.

I was very fortunate this fall to have a meeting with Premier Brad Wall regarding the future of savings in Saskatchewan and Canada. I was able to explain my views on an expanded CPP as proposed by the federal liberals and my ideas for a much more elegant solution. The Premier was impressed with the simplicity of the plan and we have agreed to keep in contact.
I have taken a big step out of my comfort zone and hired a business coach for a year. My goal with this coach is simple, how does our office provide you with better service and attract a few more excellent families to work with?

We have now been providing you with these personal messages for one full year and are humbled by how often we are told you read and appreciate them, THANK YOU!